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October 2019

The contract with Contract Construction has been signed and it's all go on the redevelopment front. As soon as the foundation work has been completed the building will start.

The first bit of concrete slab has gone down in the wee hours of this chilly August morning. It's exciting to see it starting to take shape.


The weather is improving, and our building is starting to take shape.

The latest images show the building's outline with the majority of concrete foundation now complete.

Hornby Working Mens Club aerial view

In the beginning of June we saw progress go in a different direction...up!

Some structural supports have been put in place, trenches for pipework are being dug and the building's foundation have started to take shape.

It was great to see all the concrete trucks lining up for an early morning pour.

It's been a slow couple of months getting things tidy after all the demolition, but the site has now been completely cleared and is ready for work to begin.

We are looking forward to seeing some movement out there!


The luck of the Irish is with us in March.

We had a bit of demolition delay last month when a bit more asbestos was found. Specialist removals sealed it off  for a clean up that took around 2 weeks to complete. But we're making progress again with the digger working 6 days a week.

January has brought some big changes to the shape of the club!

Despite the wear and tear on our nerves from all the noise and shaking, it has been really neat to watch the the machinery and all the contractors at work.

Some great aerial photos were taken this month of the progress to date. Isn't it strange to look at the Chalmers Restaurant in this state?

The next portion of demolition will be the Westview lounge, followed by the 2 storey function rooms.