Chalmers Restaurant

Chalmers restaurant Is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening weekly.
They offer a fantastic meal at a reasonable price.
On Friday and Saturday you can choose something from the Chalmers Restaurant Menu or try their specialty, the carvery. For $20.50 you can have your choice of roast (Pork, Beef, Lamb, Chicken or Ham) and if you order before 6:30, you'll get a free dessert!
On Sundays, Chalmers offers a 5 course buffet for $25.00 and for the kids it's only $1 per year of age.
Chalmers offers seating for 220 Guests and can accomodate large gatherings.
Bookings are not neccesary for groups 4 and under, but to ensure a space for your larger group please ring 03-349-9026

Menu Download
Click here to download our current menu for the Chalmers Restaurant

Open Hours

Friday      5:30-9:00

Saturday 5:30-9:00

Sunday    5:00-8:00