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Our History

Early Days
Back in 1955 the Club's founding members canvassed the Hornby community and gathered the required support to create what we know today as the Hornby Working Men's Club & MSA Inc. Formally incorporated on 24 May 1956, the Club was limited to the first 300 [male] members. From these humble beginnings in 'the shed', the Club now not only welcomes female members, it has grown into one of the Hornby community's most valuable assets.1955 Hornby Working Men's Club
The Monogram is a crest having a banner top and bottom, flanked on each side by a green fern containing a central shield comprised of five insets.

The upper banner is edged in black and contains the word HORNBY in block letters coloured black on a gold background and the lower banner contains the words WORKING MENS CLUB in the same lettering and colours.

The central shield is edged in black and gold and has on the left upper corner on a blue background a stylised wheat sheaf depicting the agricultural nature of the area.  On the upper right hand corner is a stylised lamb carcass coloured gold on a green background suspended from a rail symbolising the freezing industry.  On the lower left corner is shown on a green background, a pair of tongs in black and a pair of meshing gears in red and green symbolising the industrial nature of the area.  On the lower right are crossed mallets in black and a vintage style plough depicting farming in the area  In the centre in the appropriate colours is a symbolic red hut placed in a rural setting  depicting the original club building.

Immediately below the shield and above the lower banner in black are the block letters MSA signifying Mutual School of Art which relates to all facets of sporting activities conducted by the Club Members.Hornby Working Men's club logo

Our Background
The Hornby WMC was not only a key part of the Hornby hospitality scene for the 'working men', but it was the centre of much sporting and literary activity.  Many people ask what does MSA stand for?  It means 'Mutual School of Art' and hails back to the early days when the Club had its own library and reading room.  It also encompasses our sporting pursuits including darts, pool, snooker & billiards, cards (euchre), fishing, cricket, indoor and outdoor bowls, table tennis, cribbage, golf and travel.Hornby Working Men's Club
Today's Club
Not only is the Hornby Club a unique mix of entertainment, dining and bars that caters to its broad membership base, it is supported by its [bulk] retail developments. In 2015 the Club added to its investment portfolio by creating an additional 4000m2 of retail space for 6 different tenants (Bed Bath & Beyond, Baby Factory, Anytime Fitness, Rebel Sport, Toyworld, The Coffee Club). This development, along with The Warehouse and Briscoes stores, anchors the future of the Hornby WMC for years to come.
Retail Developments beside Hornby Working Men's Club

Historic Hornby Working Men's Club              Hornby Working Men's Club traditional crest